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Vital statistics
Real name Aelita Orion Primus
Alias Aelita Gerehert


Holy Grail of Cybertron

Age 15 (4,000,000,015 chronologically)
Species Human
Production details
Voiced by Mae Whitman

Aelita is the first human to hail from Cybertron. Her mysterious past is unknown, except for those who know of her. Legend has dictated her as the fabled Omega Key, or Key for short; an artifact said to contain the very power of the long-destroyed Omega Lock.


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Aelita is a Caucasian fifteen year old girl, with a slender figure for a girl her age. She has pale white skin, with long flowing icy blue hair that reaches down to her mid back, and has crystal blue eyes that could be considered dazzling. She’s considered beautiful, and was voted as Queen of Antigo high school.

Her most casual outfit is a pink and blue plaid skirt that goes down to her knees, a dark purple T-shirt, a light yellow sweater jacket with a hood, halfway zipped up, and has white sneakers and black socks.

For the supposed mock-date, she wore a silk like yellow, long sleeved shirt, and had over it a dress with the skirt that didn't cover her knees and had spaghetti straps holding it up, with light blue sandals that had a strap that held to her ankle. Her hair is pulled back into a pony tail, but a few strands of hair as well as her bangs coming down her face.

For her swimsuit, she wears a white one-piece with a red rose design, with a thorn vine going around the waist and the rose on the stomach part. To complement the rest, she wears a white silk shawl around her waist.





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