719833-bonecrusher super
Vital statistics
Real name Bonecrusher
Alias Ramhead

Big Guy

Age Possible 30s
Species Cybertronian
Production details
Voiced by Kevin Michel Richardson

Bonecrusher is one of the Maximals under Optimus Primal's command. Despite his commander's urging for him to lighten up, who fears he will overheat an internal coolant co-processor, all Bonecrusher ever thinks of is engaging the enemy.


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Robot ModeEdit

His robot form is a massive, bulky male humanoid robot, colored black and gray. The buffalo legs became massive robot legs with bronze feet, and patches of fur covering the outer part of the lower legs. The robot arms came out of the sides, with patches of fur covering behind his shoulder blades. The back end of the buffalo became the upper back of the robot, and the Buffalo head became the chestplate. The robot's head popped out with the buffalo horns on his head with a little of fur. His faceplate looked armor plated and was sporting two red eyes. As everyone got a look at him, he looked to be taller than Inferno; he was massive, bulky, and strong.

Beast ModeEdit

His beast form is a buffalo and later becomes a mechanical Transmetal buffalo.

Vehicle ModeEdit

His Vehicle mode slightly resembles a GAZ tigr.


Stubborn and strong, Bonecrusher loves to battle Predacons. Despite the urging of his commanders, he cannot overcome his urge to engage the enemy violently. His personality has two settings—calm and crazed—and he knows just one strategy: CHARGE! Thankfully, his beast head and horns are super-reinforced to withstand any impact. It's a trait he puts to good use plowing through absolutely anything in his way. He's been known to charge through forest, rock, defensive emplacements, enemies, bunkers, more rock, more forest, more enemies, more rock, and so on...sometimes ending up nearly 30 miles behind enemy lines! Understandably, he tends to be held in reserve for last-ditch efforts, but when given reign, one of his unstoppable charges can easily turn the tide of a battle.