A Predacon Elder, the cruel and clever General Cicadacon is suspected of being very old indeed. His knowledge of Cybertronian history, especially military history and tactics, is encyclopedic, stretching back even to the era before the Great War. Some suspect he may have once had a Decepticon identity, but if this is true, no records of that identity survive. Regardless of the truth of his origin, Cicadacon uses the stories and rumors to engender fear and respect in his followers. Despite his tactical genius, Cicadacon's long-term strategy against the Maximals has become increasingly unpopular with the more impatient Predacon forces.

He uses chopping rotor blades to spread plague-like destruction and combines with his fellow Tripredacus Council members to form Tripredacus, or with them plus Ravage and Tarantulas to form Predacus.

Hope is fleeting, power is everything.

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Haven't I seen you somewhere before?

Voice actor: Scott McNeil (English), Chafūrin (Japanese), Alvaro Tarcicio (Latin-American Spanish)

When the Transwarp wavefront was detected entering Cybertronian space, General Cicadacon identified its energy signature as the same as that of the Darksyde. He sent a signal to a Cybertron satellite, causing it to explode, thus blocking the Maximal sensors from detecting the wavefront. He then instructed agent Ravagethat if Megatron was still operating his own agenda to terminate him with extreme prejudice.