Convoy Prime

Convoy Prime

You don't want to give Convoy Prime a hard time. While most Maximal Supreme Commanders are known for their level-headed and friendly natures, Convoy Prime breaks the mold by positively wrecking and ruining anyone who gives him lip. A gargantuan bruiser of a warrior, he tramples the opposition in his woolly mammoth beast mode and utterly obliterates them in robot mode with his Convoy Cannon. He is known throughout the Maximal ranks as "The One-Man Army", a solitary Supreme Commander who can do the work of a whole battalion all on his lonesome.

So of course the Council felt he would make a perfect training instructor for a batch of new recruits freshly minted from the Maximal Military Academy. While it takes every ounce of restraint Convoy Prime can muster not to completely throttle the green little twerps, deep down he kinda-sorta likes them. Or he's getting there, anyway. Vector Sigma has taken a special interest in Convoy Prime and often speaks through him via the Energon Matrix in his chest. And with each lesson in warfare he imparts on his new recruits, Big Convoy in turn learns a lesson about friendship and teamwork.


Before the Pax Cybertronia, Convoy Prime was known as the "one robot army" and was assigned by the Maximal Elders to the Gung Ho and its crew of Maximal rookies. Together, they defeated Magmatron.

Convoy Prime was part of Cybertron's Bi-Partate Committee for State Affairs alongside Heinrad and Magmatron. Because of his distinguished service, he was a high-ranking member of the joint committee.




His beast mode is a woolly mammoth.