Grizzly-1 is an established legend in the Beast Wars. During a mission to the Arctic region of Earth, the up-and-coming Maximal went missing. After some time, Grizzly-1 was able to break free from his icy prison.

In battle, he is able to use a self-produced toxin that causes agitation and confusion, increasing his aggressiveness ten-fold. Usage of the toxin is governed by whether Grizzly-1 needs to go berserker.


Before the Beast WarsEdit

Before he became an explorer he was a soldier back on Cybertron. Even more so, he was a drill instructor for the Elite Guard, training young recruits to be effective patrol officers. His role model was the Autobot Leader of the Wreckers, Ultra Magnus. When the Axalon needed a Chief of Security, he was the Maximal picked for the job.

Wild AmericaEdit


Robot ModeEdit

His robot form was a giant humanoid male robot colored brown and dark yellow. He looked to be around eight feet tall and sixty-four inches wide; he must have been more muscular than Bonecrusher; it was also clear that he had obtained the Beast Mode of a mighty brown Grizzly Bear. The hind legs of the bear had straightened out and became the thigh part of the legs, with the claws of the feet acting as kneecaps. His forelegs looked strong and his feet had three claw toes. His arms were built to be pretty powerful; his forearms had fur armguards similar to Cheetor and Foxfire. With the arms were two massive claw hands. His chest and stomach were strong built as well; his stomach showed that he was build in an eight pack, and his chest housed a spherical lens. The bear fur was on his back as well as where his arms were, making it look like he had a vest on. The two front paws and forearms of the bear were mounted on his back. His head was dark yellow and shaped almost like Optimus Primal's, except the earlike pieces were on his head than on the side of it. He had a mouth guard similar to Optimus' but there was no mouth there at all. His face plate was dark yellow as well, but had blue optics. From the look of his design, he must have been a soldier before he became an explorer.

Beast ModeEdit

His Beast Form is a Brown Grizzly Bear and later becomes a mechanical Transmetal grizzly bear.

Vehicle ModeEdit

His Vehicle mode slightly resembles a URO VAMTAC.


He's more than capable of whipping even the worst disarray into military discipline, though he can get rather hung-up on protocol. Regardless, he's rightly feared among the Predacon ranks. But despite his military background and personality, he has a bit of trouble fitting into a civilian environment, even when things are still hostile or easy.