BWTheAscending2 K-9
Vital statistics
Real name K-9

Kevin (human mode)

Age 15 (human years)
Species Cybertronian

After an accident with Justin puts him into comatose, Aelita temporarily downloads his mind into a protoform, creating the new Maximal, K-9. An infiltrator unit, K-9 has Justin's mind and courage, as well as the combat readiness of a Maximal.


Maximal JustinEdit

Last Chance at LoveEdit


Robot ModeEdit

His robot form is similar to Wolfang, except he was white, light blue, had light green eyes, and what looked like details of a German Shepherd for his beast mode.

Beast ModeEdit

His beast form is a German Shepherd and later becomes a mechanical Transmetal German Shepherd.

Human ModeEdit

His human form looked exactly like Justin.

Vehicle ModeEdit

His Vehicle mode is the same as Wolfang.



Justin SeyvontEdit




  • The idea for K-9 came from the Transformers G1 episode, Autobot Spike, in which Spike's mind is transferred into an Autobot Body made up of spare parts.
  • The revival of K-9 from Aeltia's energies, was inspired by a chapter of the manga, Gantz. In which Reika made a copy of Kei, because she couldn't let go of her feelings for him, and truly loved him.