Leo Prime

Leo Prime

As he rose through the ranks of the Maximal Space Patrol, Leo Prime and his honest nature, selfless dedication to duty and ability to lead by example quickly caught the attention, and earned the respect, of his superior officers. Now with his own crew of loyal Maximals, Leo Prime continues to display those qualities in the heat of desperate combat.

While on the surface he appears to be a tough, exacting, career-military sort of robot, any Maximal who has served under him knows that there's a smile behind his faceplate and a gentleness at the core of his spark. Though he yearns for a universe forever at peace, Leo Prime takes to the battlefield with precision, strength and cunning. He believes that combat, more than anything else, reveals an enemy's true character and it has been through combat that Leo Prime has made both his bitterest rivals and most enduring friendships.

Though compassionate by nature, Leo Prime stumbles when it comes to expressing anything outside the perimeters of gruff military rhetoric. This attitude has strained his relationship with his "son", Leobreaker, who wants only to obtain the approval of his "father".


There is a slight otherworldliness about Commander-in-Chief Leo Prime, a sense that he is operating on a bigger picture and serving a higher power. Upon landing on a planet, he immediately becomes in tune with its natural harmonics and becomes determined to defend that world. He has sheer belief in his pre-ordained cause, backed up by a Matrix that gives him power from the very core of Cybertron.

Prior to the end of the Great War and the signing of the Pax Cybertronia, Leo Prime commanded a crew of Maximals who traveled to the planet Gaea and battled Galvatron and his forces.

Years later, during peace-time, the ever-vigilant Leo Prime sat on the Bi-Partate Committee for State Affairs, but was also a member of a secret black-ops intelligence unit known as the Pack. During a conversation with Razorbeast that was officially off-the-record, he reminded his fellow Maximal that their unit didn't exist and that the Maximal Imperium didn't sanction their operations. He warned Razorbeast that if he was caught while undercover in Magmatron's command, he would be disavowed.




His beast mode is an African white lion.





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