The world in which we live is a different one than previously imagined. One which has spawned its own Predacons in human skin.

Optimus Primal on MECH

MECH is an organization working in opposition to the United States government. They seek to create a "newer world order" through the application of cutting-edge technology. For MECH, procuring such technology includes stealing it. It isn't clear what "MECH" stands for, if anything.


After being discharged from the military, Colonel Leland Bishop founded MECH under the codename Silas. He may later have been joined by other members of the US military, some of whom were still enlisted personnel at the time.

Aiming to secure the Dynamic Nuclear Generation System, Silas shot down Agent Fowler’s jet. When Fowler continued his journey by truck, Silas sent MECH agents in cars to try and intercept the convoy, only to experience resistance from stray animals, which were in reality Maximals. The convoy came under attack from MECH, resulting in the Maximals revealing their true forms to both Fowler and MECH, and thus though MECH's further attempt to secure the D.N.G.S. resulted in failure, they at least learned of the Cybertronians' presence on Earth.

MECH's next operation concerning the Transformers involved the study of Grimlock's protoform, Runamuck's stasis lock body, and capturing Inferno and Terrorsaur on the Kamchatka Peninsula. Though a group of Maximals, including Bonecrusher who directly assaulted the MECH base, managed to free both Predacons, MECH had been able to extract enough information that Silas could initiate Project Chimera.

Known MembersEdit

  • Silas, the leader.
  • An unnamed navigator who flies helicopters and counteracts hackers.
  • An unnamed surgeon who provides the Transformer components for MECH.
  • Unnamed comandos who serve as MECH’s foot soldiers.
  • MECH 1, a field leader.
  • Novo, a covert surveillance operative.
  • Dr. Archevil, who understands the Cybertronian science better with experience.
  • Vehicons, the pet project and super soldiers.
  • Preda-Drones, secondary pet project and super beast soldiers.