Optimus Primal is the main protagonist of the Beast Wars series and the leader of the Maximals.




Robot ModeEdit

His robot form is a gray, white, and red robot. The ape's head folded inward to reveal a metallic chest. The upper arms of the ape folded up to create shoulder armor showing a metallic structure, while the lower arms remained the same except for on each arm were mounted arm canons. The lower torso did a 180-degree turn to reveal robotic features on the legs. The robot's head was gray while the robot's face plate was dark gray; however, he had a white mouth guard that opened up to show his mouth. He had red eyes that showed fierceness but compassion.

Beast FormEdit

His beast form is a robot normal gorilla and later becomes a mechanical Transmetal silverback gorilla and later becomes a robotic Transmetal 2 gorilla

Vehicle ModeEdit

His Vehicle mode is a gorilla on a hoverboard with two maces stored on his back and could double as missiles for his hip-holstered blaster. After merging Optimus prime's spark with his own spark he now gain two Vehicle modes a high tech jet and armored transport.