Retrax is a decent warrior, using his pill bug mode to overpower his enemies. He specializes in desert demolitions and lives in tunnels under the desert, which keep him cool. His companions are the remains of his enemies. He is a coward at heart, however, and at the slightest hint of being overwhelmed will bounce to safety in his "bug ball" along one of his many pre-determined escape routes.


He and the other insectoid Predacons crash on earth in their stasis pods millions of years ago. Landing in a swamp, the scanners in their stasis pods gave them new alternate modes based on local insects. Eventually their food-raiding activities attracted the attention of both the Maximals and Predacons, the latter approaching them with offers of alliance and shared purpose.


Robot ModeEdit

His robot form is a male humanoid robot that was around Tigertron's height and colored green, neon yellow, a dark translucent green and some white. He seemed a little thin compared to the others, but seemed able to take a beating. A piece of the spittlebug's armor plating acted as the robot's chestplate. The rest of the spittlebug's body was mounted on his back and shoulders; it was almost as if the whole beast form was made into a body shield. On the right side, two claws were there where the head was and on the right side, a single tail claw was presented. His feet were one big claw up front and one claw in the back of his heel. His head was something terrifying; it was white but a neon yellow faceplate was present, and on top of the head were two black horns. His eyes were black and yellow, but his mouth looked like a black respirator.

Beast ModeEdit

His beast form is a pill bug and later becomes a mechanical Transmetal pill bug.

Vehicle ModeEdit

His Vehicle mode slightly resembles a Tsmeu-6 personal wheel bike.