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Rhinox, Optimus's Second-in-Command, is a territorial warrior who stampedes his way through the jungle whenever Predacons draw near, crushing everything in his path. Although he is known to be courageous and cunning, what makes him stand out from other warriors is that he has never been injured. EVER. Even though he has never backed down from a fight, his triple-thick, steel-plated skin protects him from all harm, even double-barreled laser cannons (which are presumably very powerful weapons).


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Robot ModeEdit

His robot form is a hulking green humanoid robot. The head had split horizontally and the lower jaw became the robot's chest plate. The two front hooves changed into his arms each showing a hand with four fingers. The back hooves turned into his legs, the upper legs were covered by the rhino's hide making a lower torso guard, and the lower legs each had six little spikes to where the side calves were and had a robotic toe sticking between the two front hooves. His face looked human, and he had a bronze yellow jaw. His eyes were red, but seemed to show gentleness.

Beast ModeEdit

His beast form is an African Rhino and later becomes a mechanical Transmetal Rhino.

Human ModeEdit

His human form is a big African American, around in his fifties, with black hair and eyes, and a potbelly.

Vehicle ModeEdit

His Vehicle mode slightly resembles a snowmobile and tank as it has fold-down skis and tank treads in the front legs that can be switch out from skis or tank treads in any environment and tank treads in the rear legs.



His main weapon is a mean gattling gun with a mace attached to it both up and down.


Optimus PrimalEdit

Rhinox and Optimus Primal have known each other for a long time and respect each other for their skills. Optimus trusts Rhinox with his mechanical skills and intellect, often looking at him as the second-in-command. Rhinox is loyal to Optimus and always follows his orders.



Rhinox considers Rattrap to be his best friend, suggesting that he's known him longer than Optimus. Of the pair, Rhinox is the more mature and will not hesitate to put Rattrap in his place when he complains or does something barbaric, such as argue with Dinobot. He is also willing to give orders to Rattrap when Optimus isn't around. When Optimus disappeared because of the alien probe though, Rhinox voted for Rattrap to be the temporary leader and was happy when Optimus' core-consciousness appointed him in charge in his absence.