Sentinel is the name of the Axalon's automated defense system, it is not only regarded as extraordinarily effective but as perhaps too effective. To put it simply, most battles near the Maximal Base end by someone activating Sentinel. Understandably, the Maximal device is highly coveted by the Predacons.

The Sentinel System itself consists of an extremely powerful energy shield, and the simultaneous activation of every weapon attached to the Axalon, plus an array of internal defense systems. Despite its power, the shield can be disabled under unusually heavy fire.

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Voice actor: Ian James Corlett (English), Nobuo Tobita (Japanese), Shinichirō Miki (Japanese, episode 18 only), more»

The Sentinel system was developed by Rhinox. Initially, the system went haywire when Rattrap and Dinobotgot into a brawl, damaging the console, and all but Rattrap managed to escape the ship. Rattrap was able to move through the ship, avoiding Sentinel's defense systems, and shut the computer down without being killed. A Better Mousetrap Clone One proved incapable of shutting down Sentinel — though it recognised him as Dinobot, it didn't detect any hint of a spark, and repeatedly shocked Clone One as a defensive measure. Double Dinobot Sentinel was unable to shield the Axalon after the ship was damaged in an energon storm, resulting in a temporary Predacon takeover. Possession

Blackarachnia was able to construct a device which opened a hole in Sentinel's shield big enough to penetrate, and Inferno also exposed a blind spot — by simply burrowing under the force field. Other Voices, Part 1 On several occasions, Sentinel's shields were overcome by sheer firepower. The Agenda (Part 1) The Agenda (Part III)

After the Axalon was dragged off a cliff and crashed into the lake below, the Maximals tried to retrieve Sentinel's CPU from the wreckage. Rattrap piloted a submarine into the wreckage and brought the module to the surface. Despite their efforts, the Predacons attacked, and the module wound up in Megatron's clutches. Given the need for the Maximals to focus on defense of the Ark, this forced the Maximals into an almost entirely defensive footing for the rest of the war. Changing of the Guard

However, even Sentinel proved ineffective against the onslaught of the Vok emissary Tigerhawk, who destroyed the Darksyde and Sentinel with it simply by landing. Of course, he was surrounded by a ball of energy moving at an incredibly high speed, so that probably helped. Other Victories

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A standard version of the Maximal Sentinel program was modified for use in a crashed alien starship named the Orcanoch, and accidentally merged with the ship's artificial intelligence, creating an entirely new personality. Beast Wars Sourcebook

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  • Japanese: Cyberguard (サイバガード)