Silverbolt is a Maximal fuzor who served in the Beast Wars on the show and fought on both sides in the war on Cybertron in the sequel Beast Machines. Silverbolt appeared in season 2 after his stasis pod crashed on Earth after the alien timewarp explosion and his protoform took the form of two animals: a wolf and an eagle. Temporarily a Predacon, he joined the Maximals as he disapproved Megatron's tactics and believed in Optimus Primal's code of honor, duty and kindness. He is Blackarachnia's boyfriend as he convinced her to join the Maximals and convinced his comrades to trust her. He is also very dramatic as he always speak poetically towards her or about her. He was among the few who survived the Beast Wars and returned to Cybertron.

In Beast Machines, he along with Rhinox were captured by Megatron's drones and became one. He was known as Jetstorm, a loud-mouthed airplane whose personality was the opposite of Silverbolt's. In season 2, Blackarachnia made it a priority to bring Silverbolt back as she lured Jetstorm to a pit of organic ooze which transformed him back to his old self. The organic turned him into a purple bird and he looked like a ninja in robot mode. He hated Blackarachnia for what she did and considered himself an outcast from the others. When Optimus sacrificed himself to destroy Megatron and Cybertron was back in an organic state, Silverbolt went back to his loverboy ways and embraced Blackarachnia.