Snarl 001
Vital statistics
Alias Manger


Age Adult
Species Cybertronian
Production details
Voiced by Sean Astin

Snarl is an expert at surprise attack. Using a cloaking field, he can vanish at will and infiltrate Predacon strongholds. Snarl enjoys reappearing in a dramatic fashion to startle foe or friend alike. He is a cool and confident warrior, sure of his own abilities and with an independent streak a sector wide.

Snarl is also young and a little impatient. Even when working as part of a group he has the tendency to cloak himself and wander off to pursue their goals in his own fashion. This occasionally annoys his comrades, but usually his impressive results speak for themselves.


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His robot form is a humanoid male robot. He was around Cheetor's height, and was colored light and dark brown. The front paws changed into hands while the upper arms were half-furry and half-mechanical. His Tasmanian devil legs folded behind him, and his robot legs popped out with the Tasmanian devil's head spilt vertically and both halves became his feet with a heel popping out. The lower jaw became his chestplate; his head was furry with two pointy ear-like structures. His faceplate was dark brown and had light green optics.


His beast form is a tasmanian devil.